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Technical and methodological sophistication requires a structured action.

Ransomware attacks by nature, have proven to be a growing concern of organisations in general, given their increased frequency, technological / methodological sophistication and taking into account the different dimensions of impact.

In addition to the direct financial impacts that are estimated in billions of euros annually, there is also the impact on the image of the corporation and its operational regulation, among other different vectors.

One of the reasons that makes the defensive approach to this type of attack difficult, is the fact that ransomware is the end result of a successful exploitation of an entry point into the organization, which can have different natures, requiring a structured coordination of technology, processes and people.

INTEGRITY leveraged its 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE on CyberSecurity Services to outline a very effective and ready to deliver service to help organisations to quickly assess their risks under this context.

ENVIRONMENT SPECIFIC BUT VENDOR AGNOSTIC: As a vendor independent provider for CyberSecurity services, we focus on your needs and bring in our practices combined with adequate tools, people and methodologies.

SAVE TIME AND EFFORT & REDUCE RISK: Utilizing our ready to deliver service you benefit from our broad research and real experience from dozens of risk assessment processes that we have delivered over the course of last years.



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