december 2023

Cybersecurity trends for 2024

The world is in constant evolution, and cybersecurity is no exception. In recent times, cyber attacks have become increasingly frequent, and it is essential for organizations to keep up with cybersecurity trends to prevent and mitigate negative impacts. Since 2021, cyber attacks have been on the rise, targeting organizations and individuals adversely.

For organizations to defend against cyber threats, it is necessary to be aware of the predicted cybersecurity trends for 2024 and adopt best practices for safer and more conscientious technology use.

The year 2023 was marked by a recurring wave of cyber attacks, with phishing and ransomware attacks being the most common. It is anticipated that these will continue to be the most frequent forms of attack and concern for organizations in 2024. Therefore, it is important for organizations to invest in cybersecurity, particularly in training their employees to be the first line of defense against cyber threats.

Additionally, Artificial Intelligence is an important trend to watch in 2024, influencing both prevention and its use as a catalyst for threats, depending on its application. To find out about the predicted trends for 2024 in the cybersecurity ecosystem and how to protect yourself, please read our document.









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