june 2024

Real-life Cyberattack Case

In recent years, remote and hybrid work has evolved from an emerging trend to a new global standard. With the development of technology and changes in work dynamics, there has been a revolution in how people work and carry out their functions.

Currently, most organizations have adopted hybrid and remote work, video conference meetings, and even remote hiring. However, there are risks associated with these practices, and this month's newsletter addresses this very topic, presenting a real case of a cyberattack that occurred due to remote hiring.

The cyberattack we highlight is the case of a company that lost thousands of euros after hiring a remote employee. The Portuguese company hired a foreign individual, providing him with everything necessary to perform his function. After weeks of work, the employee obtained confidential information about the company, then demanded a ransom of thousands of euros in exchange for all the information, data, and access codes he threatened to expose publicly.

The truth is that with the increase in remote hiring, the likelihood of this situation becoming recurrent is high. Although remote hiring is more accessible and easier, it also carries many associated risks, so it is important to know what to do and what not to do when hiring someone remotely. There are several prevention practices that can be quite useful and effective, which we should consider before remote hiring, such as confirming identity or verifying residency.

Now more than ever, it is important to be informed about the consequences of remote work and how this trend has impacted organizations and their performance. It is also essential to know how to act in accordance with security measures so that remote work, besides being accessible, is also safe.

In our section on Real Cases of Cyberattacks, we describe this particular case in detail and present some prevention measures that could have been put in place to avoid this type of situation. Learn all about this case here.









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