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Generative Artificial Intelligence: Managing Security Risks

In a world where technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our daily lives, driving innovation in various sectors. It's impossible not to feel a certain enthusiasm for the ease that AI brings to our personal and professional lives, but just like any other emerging technology, there are some security risks associated with it.

The area of cybersecurity is no exception and, in this ecosystem, AI has been presenting significant challenges. When talking about AI, it's impossible not to address a new reality: Generative AI. This refers to AI systems capable of creating new content, such as software code, images, texts, data analysis and music, indistinguishable from real content produced by humans. Although this technology brings advantages, some use it maliciously and a common use of this technology is for the creation of fake content, namely fake news, audio, and deepfake videos, which usually aim to manipulate public opinion, defame individuals, or destabilise organisations.

It is therefore essential to manage the security risks associated with this technology since we need to be informed about its trends and consequences.

There are some risks associated with generative AI that it is important to be aware of and informed about:

1. Fake and offensive content

One of the main risks of generative AI is the ease with which fake and even offensive content can be created. This can lead to misinformation, making us more vulnerable to what is happening in the world.

2. Increased cyber threats

Through the use of generative AI, cyber attackers can produce emails, text messages, or videos that are identical to the ones you receive from the company where you work or your bank asking you to share personal and confidential data and information. It's important to be aware of this risk, because although the content created by generative AI looks authentic, it may contain false information.

3. Privacy violations

One of the risks associated with generative AI is the ability to link personal data to various data sets, which goes beyond the privacy of each individual's data.

4. Failure to answer

Those of us who have tried generative AI tools, such as GPT Chat, saw that it doesn't know all the answers and makes mistakes. In this sense, although generative AI provides good answers to the questions it is asked, there are many other times when the answers are wrong and mislead us. If you use generative AI regularly, it is important to be aware that there is a risk that it may also contain flaws and it is essential always to confirm the information provided.


Here are some tips to ensure safer use of generative AI:

1. Checking sources and content

When you receive any emails or messages with links or requests for data, always check the source and its veracity, even if it seems legitimate communication. This way you can avoid a phishing or malware attack.

2. Don't share confidential information

When using AI tools, do not share sensitive or confidential information, whether personal or professional. This information may be used for improvements to the tool itself and shared with third parties, and generative AI can also be used to create fake content using users' personal data. It is essential to protect your data through good cybersecurity practices, such as using unique and strong passwords or activating multi-factor authentication.

3. Training and awareness

Learn about the latest advances in generative AI and its risks through training and awareness of the subject, aiming to recognise and circumvent malicious situations. Keeping up to date with the latest trends and technologies associated with generative AI is key to better understanding how you can detect content produced by it and how you can protect yourself against possible cyber threats.


It is essential to find the perfect balance between harnessing the power of generative AI and managing the risks it can cause. The development of this new technology and its presence in the daily lives of every one of us is inevitable, so being informed about its risks and keeping up with the constant trends that are linked to this topic is the first step towards being able to use this tool safely and consciously.









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