march 2024

Real-life Cyberattack Case

In the dynamic and complex cybersecurity landscape, where threats are constantly evolving and cyber attacks are an inevitability, learning through real-life cases becomes an invaluable tool.

Keeping up with trends in cybersecurity is key to becoming more aware of our surroundings, so it becomes vital to share practical examples of what happens in the real world, both to institutions and individuals, and the consequences that result. By uncovering the details of authentic cyber attack incidents, we reveal the vulnerabilities exploited and effective prevention and response strategies.

Devoteam Cyber Trust highlights several real cases of cyberattacks that have affected organisations and presents prevention measures that could have been used to avoid a cyberattack situation. This section, "Real-life Cyberattack Cases", is intended to serve as an educational and awareness-raising resource, providing valuable insights into the multifaceted nature of cyber risks. By studying these cases, from billion-dollar frauds to data breaches affecting the privacy of thousands, we gain a deeper understanding of the challenges we face and the measures we can take to strengthen our defences.

We invite you to learn from these real cases, observing their impacts on the organisations involved and absorbing crucial lessons that can help reduce the risks of future cyber attacks in your own company. In this month's newsletter, we highlight the case of a ransomware attack that suspended all of Seville City Council's telematics services via LockBit, leading to a ransom demand of more than one million euros.

Several cybersecurity practices could have been useful in preventing this attack: find out what they are here.









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