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What is ARF? The Alert Readiness Framework (ARF) is a cybersecurity framework that introduces a alert level system, similar to that used in military contexts. Developed by Devoteam Cyber Trust, ARF enables organizations to implement adaptable and context-aware security controls and response plans based on real-time threat levels.

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What is its purpose?

ARF aims to achieve the following objectives:

Establish Alert Levels:
Implement an alert system that varies according to the severity of cyber threats.

Contextualized Response Plans:
Associate each alert level with a specific set of controls and actions.

Common Language for All:
Create a common cybersecurity language that is understandable to everyone in the organization, from the CEO to regular employees.

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What are the benefits?

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Didactic and Proactive Approach

Makes engagement in security practices more accessible and interesting for everyone, regardless of their level of technical knowledge.

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Active Participation of Everyone

Encourages a cybersecurity culture that involves all employees, not just technical teams.

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Strategic Alignment with Business

Integrates cybersecurity into business strategies and operations, enabling a more comprehensive approach to security.

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Efficient Resource Utilization

The contextualized and adaptable approach allows for more effective resource allocation.

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