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Our Offensive Security Services helps our clients identify potential risk, namely, Technical Vulnerabilities through one-off or Persistent Penetration Testing (KEEP-IT-SECURE-24), providing recommendations and support to mitigate identified issues.

We help our clients to identify their security risks and vulnerabilities and also the compliance level of their Information Security Management Practice, in order to thoroughly acknowledge their risks and are able to address them in accordance with the mitigation recommendations provided by our audit team.

Offensive Security projects are customized according to the needs and aims of our clients. They can be technical component, processes, people or more broadly combined context oriented. They can also be oriented to deal with questions related to compliance or regulation.

The kind of projects with higher demand in our Offensive Security practice refer to Penetration Tests, in which our consultants, in order to identify existing vulnerabilities, act as if they were attackers. Our team provides recommendations to mitigate the identified vulnerabilities. These tests may be one-shot or persistent, through the KEEP-IT-SECURE-24 service.

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External or Internal Penetration Testing

Persistent Penetration Testing (KEEP-IT-SECURE-24)

Mobile Applications Penetration Testing (Android and iOS)

Active Directory Penetration Testing

Red Teaming

Penetration Testing of IoT Appliances

Penetration Testing of SCADA / ICS networks

Source Code Review

Social Engineering (phishing)

Reverse Engineering

Physical Access Control Systems (RFID) Testing

Testing / Vulnerability Management

Offensive Security solutions

360º Security

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PenTesting Persistente (MSP)

PenTesting (MSP)

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PenTesting Persistente (MSP)

Mobile application
penetration testing

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PenTesting Persistente (MSP)

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