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The Information Security of an organisation is as strong as its weakest link. As this weakest link usually is People themselves, it is crucial to provide them with knowledge that may allow them to increase the protection and Information Security levels.

The increasing use of Information technologies enables greater efficiency and effectiveness for organisations. Nevertheless it naturally carries risk, one of which is Information Security. The Information Security of an organisation is only as strong as its weakest link. Because this weakest link is usually People themselves, it's crucial to endow them with knowledge that allows them to increase the protection and security of Information. Thus there is an evident importance of ensuring balance between these three elements of Information Security.

Lisbon Security Academy is an Devoteam Cyber Trust initiative, which addresses People. This initiative complements the traditional areas of Audit and Consulting developed by Devoteam Cyber Trust. The Lisbon Security Academy is specialized in Information Security and provides its own training, as well as complete awareness-raising programs in this area.

Its innovative potential relies on the fact that its trainers are active Security consultants on a daily basis. The result is an offer of much more practical training based on experience and real world situations.

Training areas


Application Security is a training course designed to help development professionals with secure code practice know-how, working on practical situations, common vulnerabilities, as well as on the best practices to adopt in that specific context.

  • - Application Security


Information Security Awakening aims to raise awareness among both management professionals and other employees of topics related to Information Security.

  • - Information Security Awakening
  • - Information Security for Executives


Security Management offers a blend combination of best Management practices, based on the most usual Standards and Frameworks, namely ISO 27001, among others.

  • - Introduction to Information Security and Risk Management
  • - Internal Audit
  • - ISO 27000 Information Security Management
  • - Advanced Concepts in Information Security

Training team

Our training offer (LISBON SECURITY ACADEMY) is delivered by Consultants that put Information Security into practice on a daily basis and not by trainers who are exclusively dedicated to training.

Our consultant-trainer team possesses every relevant independent international certification concerning Information Security Practice, namely MSc Information Security, CISSP, CISA, OSCP, ITIL, among others.

certification certification certification certification certification certification certification certification certification certification certification

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