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Our Assessments practice helps our clients identify potential risks through structured analysis actions on specific topics.

Devoteam Cyber Trust leveraged its 10 YEARS EXPERIENCE on CyberSecurity Services to outline very effective and ready to deliver services to help organisations to quickly assess their risks under specific contexts.

ENVIRONMENT SPECIFIC BUT VENDOR AGNOSTIC: As a vendor independent provider for CyberSecurity services, we focus on your needs and bring in our practices combined with adequate tools, people and methodologies.

SAVE TIME AND EFFORT & REDUCE RISK: Utilizing our ready to deliver service you benefit from our broad research and real experience from dozens of Risk Assessment Processes that we have delivered over the course of last years.

Available Assessments

Devoteam Cyber Trust 360º Security Review

Devoteam Cyber Trust 360º Security Review

Assessment service designed to provide the current and multidisciplinary status on the maturity, risks, and organisation’s vulnerabilities in different sectors.

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Teletrabalho e Continuidade de Negócio em Segurança

Teleworking & Secure Business Continuity

Multidisciplinary risk assessment service in the Business Continuity and Telework context.

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Assessment de Resiliência Malware / Ransomware

Malware / Ransomware Resilience Assessment

Structured multi-disciplinary assessment of resilience in the context of Malware / Ransomware threats.

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