Our Cybersecurity Engineering practice provides an integrated solution that not only helps our clients determine the weaknesses of the technological and procedural aspects, but also to define and guide to its resolution, in accordance with the best recognized information security practices.

In Cybersecurity Engineering we simultaneously evaluate the technological and procedural aspects of the solutions used by clients. For a more profitable complementarity of this integration for the client, we provide a vast knowledge of the two components, as well as the scenario of their threats and vulnerabilities, both from the perspective of their identification and mitigation, through perimeter, network and application defense strategies, and emerging topics such as artificial intelligence. We also include know-how about the legal, regulatory and compliance context of our clients, so that we can align technology with the real needs of the organisation.

We act as expert technical advisors providing an objective analysis of the security posture and risk management strategy of our clients.

In the exercise of this practice, assessments are carried out to identify threats and vulnerabilities in networks and systems, providing organisations with a set of specific findings and recommendations. We base our performance on benchmarks such as The CIS – Center for Internet Security, and standards such as NIST, Cloud Security Alliance, PCI Security Standards Council, internationally recognized.


CIS Top 20 Controls
Continued Risk Assessment and Treatment
3rd Parties Assessment (compliance, technical and both)
Analysis of network infrastructures (documentary and technical)
CIS Benchmarks
PCI Security Assessments

Support in Vulnerability Resolution
SBCA – Security Business Continuity Assessment
eCISO (CISO Support)
GAP Assessments (NIST, ISO and others)
SMART Assessments - specific topics such as: ISO documentation, privileges and segregation of functions, European regulations and standards, security technologies, etc.



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