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ISO 27001 Implementation

ISO/IEC 27001 is the best-known standard in the family providing requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system (ISMS) within the context of the organisation.

  • 1. ISMS preparation

    1 to 2 months

    Establishing the appropriate framework for the business needs and providing the organisations with the required skills.

  • 2. Diagnosis

    1 to 3 months

    To identify, within the defined scope, the maturity of processes, applicable controls, risks and mitigation control. To understand the business and to determine the gap between the standard requirements and the organisation practice so as to allocate resources for an efficient ISMS implementation.

  • 3. ISMS implementation and documentation

    1 to 4 months

    To create the mandatory documentation and to start the risk treatment having the applicable control systems into account.

  • 4. ISMS performance

    3 to 6 months

    To perform the processes and procedures defined, highlighting the fulfilment of objectives, to identify both opportunities for improvement and non-conformities and to guarantee that the ISMS may be reviewed by the lead management.

  • 5. Certification and monitoring

    1 month + 3 years

    Third-party audits to show the maturity of the ISMS and the reduction of risk according to the defined objectives. ISMS monitoring in the form of implementation and management services (planning, performance evaluation and continuous improvement).

How to maintain the isms after the certification?

Information security management does not stop at certification. ISO/IEC 27001 can grow with your business, allowing for a proven framework for any business, regardless of industry, making sure your information stays secure no matter how much it changes and as new security threats emerge.

Devoteam Cyber Trust's solutions enable organisations to continually improve ISO/IEC 27001 management system to stay ahead.

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