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The volume of cloud services being used is now much higher than in the past, with more and more organisations relying on cloud computing to store their sensitive data and critical business applications. This also introduces new security risks that organisations must address. Cloud Security Assessment and Managed Service, helps identify and manage these risks but requires tailoring to an organization's needs, resources, size, industry, and compliance requirements.

How can we help to evaluate your Cloud Environment?

We present 3 main approaches for evaluating the Security of Cloud environments:

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Cloud Security

A complete overview of the Cloud deployment, in a time-based project, designed for small Organisations or low complexity deployments.

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Cloud Security

A tailor made assessment to provide a cost-effective analysis of the Cloud deployment.

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Managed Service
Cloud Secure 24

For any Organisation that wants to keep the Cloud Deployment Risks well managed and provide comprehensive visibility of the Risks (treatment actions, implemented mitigations and evaluation of mitigations). Compliance with multiple standards such as CSA Cloud Matrix, CIS Benchmark, ISO 27002, NIS, NIST, etc.

What do we cover?

Our Cloud Security service supports the security assessment and/or continuous monitoring of the following assessment components:

Cloud Security Stack
Platform Services Security Core
Configuration specifics for the supported services and platforms.
Access Control Optional
Includes access reviews to management components of the cloud services such as: Accounts, profiles, roles, authentication & authorization process and key management.
Workload Security Optional
Virtualized services, containers, functions, serverless containers: Review the security of the actual processing being performed over the cloud platform.
Network Security Optional
Networking components including IaC (infrastructure as code) to the firewalls supporting the Cloud Services, segmentation testing (also PCI-DSS segmentation tests*), identification of misconfigurations.
Storage Security Optional
Snapshot management, business continuity and security including object-level storage and block-level storage, GDPR Compliance*, PCI-DSS Compliance*.
* Add-on service.

Cloud Security Features

  Standard Custom Managed Service
Formal report and presentation (English)
Formal report and presentation (other languages) O O
More than 1 account and/or multiple providers
Platform to support mitigation and report (1) (2)
Custom dashboards and multiple compliance referentials O
Continuous Risk Monitoring of Cloud Assets O
Platform Services Security Assessment
Access Network and Storage Assessment (3) O
Workload Security Assessment O
(1) Includes 3 months of access. (2) Includes 6 months of access and 3 months after retest. (3) Depth of the assessment limited by the effort (3 days). O - Optional

Why Get a SMART Assessment or Managed Cloud Security?

Ability to support for multi-Cloud clients and multi-accounts.

Benchmark for Cloud Security.

Different approaches for different complexities of deployment.

Expert Team (Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Cloud Security Certification (CCSP | ISC²)).

Comprehensive platform to manage the Risks from the Cloud deployment.

Includes best practices for CIS Controls Compliance, PCI Compliance, ISO 27001, NIS, NIST and others.

Comparable results, trends and evolution.

Continuous approach and monitoring.

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