KEEP-IT-SECURE-24 - We test your security continuously.

Companies usually hire Pen-Testing once a year to test their Security. With KEEP-IT-SECURE-24 we test your Security in a continuously way and provide you a cost-effective model in a Managed Service approach.
Given the dynamics that applications and infrastructures require these days, testing your Security once a year is a poor approach to your company’s Security. Find out about the other features that make our model unique.

  Traditional Approach  
Testing Security of Infra-Structures and Application  
Continuous Testing  
Synchronized with Change Management Process  
Re-Testing after each vulnerability Is corrected  
Provides a platform for Vulnerability Management  
Online metrics related to risk and vulnerabilities  
Quarterly Integrated PCI-DSS ASV Vulnerability Scans  
Reporting One-Time Report   Continuous, Online

Management platform

KEEP-IT-SECURE-24 takes penetration testing activities to a new level because it provides an Online Web Platform that customers can use to manage their assets, deal with associated vulnerabilities, extract reports and obtain online metrics.

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Management Platform

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Overview 2020
Top Vulnerabilities & Recommendations EBOOK

This document provides an objective and detailed analysis of vulnerabilities, their level of severity, evolution and nature, detected under the KEEP-IT-SECURE-24 service, in INTEGRITY's clients in 2020 and the respective recommendations to mitigate them.

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