KEEP-IT-SECURE-24 - We test your security continuously.

Companies usually hire Pen-Testing once a year to test their Security. With KEEP-IT-SECURE-24 we test your Security in a continuously way and provide you a cost-effective model in a Managed Service approach.
Given the dynamics that applications and infrastructures require these days, testing your Security once a year is a poor approach to your company’s Security. Find out about the other features that make our model unique.

  Traditional Approach  
Testing Security of Infra-Structures and Application  
Continuous Testing  
Synchronized with Change Management Process  
Re-Testing after each vulnerability Is corrected  
Provides a platform for Vulnerability Management  
Online metrics related to risk and vulnerabilities  
Quarterly Integrated PCI-DSS ASV Vulnerability Scans  
Reporting One-Time Report   Continuous, Online

Management platform

KEEP-IT-SECURE-24 takes penetration testing activities to a new level because it provides an Online Web Platform that customers can use to manage their assets, deal with associated vulnerabilities, extract reports and obtain online metrics.

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Management Platform

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Overview 2022
Top Vulnerabilities & Recommendations EBOOK

We have produced a comprehensive document analysing the performance of the KEEP-IT-SECURE-24 service in 2022. The document presents an objective and detailed assessment of the types of vulnerabilities, their severity, and their historical evolution among our clients. Additionally, the document includes recommendations to avoid these vulnerabilities.

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