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What is it? In today's rapidly evolving threat landscape, it's not enough to merely react to breaches; proactive measures are essential. Our Red Teaming service comprises elite cybersecurity experts who mimic the strategies and techniques of real-world attackers to help you gauge your organization's response and resilience in the event of an actual cyber-attack while identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities across your systems, processes, and human elements.

What are the key benefits of Red Teaming?

The Red Teaming exercise allows organizations to assess their capability to detect and respond to a cyber security incident and improve their cyber resilience when confronted with a real attack.

The initial Cyber Threat Intelligenceallows the exercise to focus on real and credible risks to the targeted organisation.

Multiple attack vectors enable a realistic assessment of the entire organization, covering people, technologies, processes, and physical infrastructures.

Post-Red Teaming exercise workshop provides internal teams an opportunity to observe the replay of critical exercise parts in order enable them to implement detection and mitigation measures and prepare for future attacks.

The Process

Red Teaming Process

The Methodology

Devoteam Cyber Trust employs a Red Teaming methodology based on the best practices available in the market, the TIBER EU Framework and MITRE ATT&CK framework:

Threat Intelligence Based;

Obtain Dark Web information;

Realistic scenarios;

Red Teaming details confined to selected staff;

Focused on objectives and critical functions;

Extended time - low and slow;

Stealth, trying to avoid detection;

Enables organisation to measure It’s Cyber-Resilience;

Use of social engineering;

Targets People, Processes and Technology;

A Red Teaming attack execution may comprise the following steps:

Red Teaming Methodology

Security Testing Landscape

Red Teaming Overview

Red Teaming Overview
Red Teaming Overview
Red Teaming Overview

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